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 Lil Wayne Snitched on Drama

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СообщениеТема: Lil Wayne Snitched on Drama   Вт Июл 17, 2007 10:57 am

There is an explosive internet rumor swirling around that LiL Wayne may have a lot more problems then those pesky internet pictures of he and Baby locking lips.

According to a published media report from one of the most influential magazines in Hip-Hop (XXL), LiL Wayne may be directly responsible for DJ Drama getting pinched by Atlanta police.

In last weeks New York Times magazine Lil Wayne was quoted as saying that Drama, “Will have to play the game fair now.” If you aren’t aware, DJ Drama produced the mixtape featuring Lil’ Wayne titled Dedication 2. What you also may not know is that Dedication 2 has outsold the official label release of Like Father, Like Son, which has pissed LiL Wayne off seeing that DJ Drama made more money off LiL Waynes spit then Wayne himself.

Seeing that I have little to no information on how one makes profits off of mixtapes. Apparently when record labels promotional department hire, and ultimately pay DJ’s like Drama to produce a mixtape, that money is recouped (recovered) by the artists. So in some instances the DJ can make more money off of the project then the actual artist does.

While I have no concrete proof that LiL Wayne is running his mouth dimin people out. If word continues to spread that Wayne is a snitch, it could be the end of rap career completely. Nobody in Hip-Hop likes a snitch.
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СообщениеТема: Re: Lil Wayne Snitched on Drama   Вт Июл 17, 2007 11:25 am

жесть...че-то тут не так Suspect
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Lil Wayne Snitched on Drama
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