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 Juvenile - Rodeo

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СообщениеТема: Juvenile - Rodeo   Вт Июл 17, 2007 4:20 pm

Artist: Juvenile
Album: Reality Check
Song: Rodeo
Typed by: Kirill Loukianov

[Cool and Dre talking]
This is-this is-this is
You're now tuned in to W UTP radio
We your host for tonight Cool and Dre
You're now locked in to the Juvenile hour
I know all y'all hot girls is tuned in right now
So we gon send this new one out to you clearly
It's called Rodeo talk to 'em pimpin!

Y'all need to open ya ears up and soak this game up
and if nobody don't know ya I'm a make y'all famous
this is 24-karats but it shine like stainless
just look at how the diamonds complement my fingers (*choking*)
Yes indeed-shit chokin me woah I need a breath to breathe
chasin with the Hennessy now that's how a G play it
especially when them hoes shakin that ass to the DJ
if I could do it big give 'em some leg weight
security stop trippin and you niggaz be easy
yessir this the bubble right hurr
your all beautiful women if you insecure

Let me see ya work that-twerk that-serve that
come on and do the rodeo
Let me see ya bounce that-move that-do that
let me see ya do the rodeo
Let me see ya work that-twerk that-serve that
come on and do the rodeo
Let me see ya bounce that-move that-do that
let me see ya do the rodeo (rodeo show)

It's like you don't even have nothin on
got everybody watchin you so you can show that thong
it's ya birthday lil' mama get ya kodak on
but don't quit showin the world you in the throwback zone
we ain't leavin right now we on a positive vibe
but I still keep the homicide squad on the side
see how I'm holdin on the steering wheel controllin the ride
and y'all comin out of park because I got it in drive
I'm really feelin ya outfit it must be nice
a hard worker like myself could afford that price
I can't deny that you's a beautiful bitch
you got a face, and a ass, and a smile that want quit


We not judgin by size that's all statistics
just turn the lights down and it's ballerific
this not the right spot to let ya daughters visit
it's some freaks up in here and it's all exquisit
my round put me on ya just cause he want hit it
shit I hope you don't be trippin on some 'be home'shit
cause Jack ain't worried bout who Staci with
and he don't have to be puttin up with Staci's shit
I ain't lyin sometimes when you cross my path
up in the club all night and niggaz stalk yo ass

Big fine I ain't even trippin and I know you ain't trippin
cause you know you wore that there tonight for me
you understand what I'm sayin...


[Chorus] and samples 'til end
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Juvenile - Rodeo
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